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Introducing Kepler

For forward-thinking Privacy and Consumer lawyers

Now available to our pilot customers

Legal automation that empowers


Estimated number of hours Kepler can help Australian Law firms save on UI and Privacy Policy Audits. 




Estimated cost saving for Australian Businesses in trial and error 

Audit clients' UI for privacy and consumer law violations, efficiently and at scale


Fast Audits

Conduct thorough dark pattern audits of your client's user interface 100x faster than manual audits. Identify and eliminate dark patterns and other violations on the UI that contravene privacy and consumer laws from time to time, for every jurisdiction, and as often as needed. 


Actionable Insights

Receive a comprehensive risk profile along with actionable insights for improvement. Streamline processes and optimise services. Cut down time spent on legal research and documentation, and instead focus on delivering the best possible services to your clients.


Collaborative Platform

Leverage Kepler's collaborative platform for those product managers who require continuous collaboration with your consumer and privacy team. Streamline communication, share feedback, and work together seamlessly to create user-friendly interfaces.


Stay Ahead

Rely on Kepler to do all the grunt work, and leverage the insights to help your clients launch new products, engage in dynamic marketing campaigns, initiate sales, gather valuable consumer data, and cultivate lasting customer relationships through subscriptions. 

Ready to take the first step?

Are you ready to elevate your legal practice with cutting-edge compliance technology?

Our dark pattern detection service is here to transform how you identify and mitigate digital compliance risks. With our comprehensive suite of features designed for legal professionals, you can ensure your clients navigate the complexities of digital regulations with confidence.

Start your journey by booking a demo with us today!

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