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Learn how Kepler transforms your legal experience

What is Kepler?
Kepler is a sophisticated platform designed to identify and address deceptive design practices or “Dark Patterns”that violate various Consumer and Privacy laws. Our service automates the detection of these practices, offering comprehensive reports and actionable advice to ensure digital compliance and integrity.
How does Kepler work?
Kepler streamlines the compliance process for all information on your UI, so you can confidently focus on expanding your business. Launch new products, engage in dynamic marketing campaigns, initiate sales, gather valuable consumer data, and cultivate lasting customer relationships through subscriptions - all while trusting that your UI and your processes are compliant
Who is Kepler for?
Our service is invaluable for legal professionals, law firms, in-house legal teams, digital compliance officers, and businesses seeking to uphold the highest standards of compliance. It is especially beneficial for organisations operating in multiple jurisdictions, needing to navigate the complex landscape of digital regulations - and therefore need to continuously collaborate with their lawyers.
How long does it take to perform a scan?
The duration of a scan can vary based on its complexity and the breadth of the website being analysed. Simple scans can be completed swiftly, often within hours, while more intricate analyses may take longer to ensure thoroughness and accuracy.
Who owns the data stored on your platform?
You and your clients retain ownership of your data. Our role is to securely manage and protect your information, acting as a responsible custodian.
Is my data secure?
We employ world-class security practices, ensuring that your data and any client information remain secure and confidential. Trust in us to handle your sensitive data with the utmost care and professionalism.
How do I get started with Kepler?
You can start now by booking a consultation with our team. This conversation will allow us to understand your needs and propose a tailored solution that fits your objectives.
How do I prepare to use the service?
Upon gaining access, you will simply add a website and the jurisdiction you want to scan. Our platform is designed for ease, requiring no prior coding knowledge. Just navigate, input, and let our service do the heavy lifting.
Do you offer support and training?
Yes, we provide round-the-clock support through our dedicated channels and offer training by our team of tech and legal experts. Our Help Center is rich with resources for self-guided learning, complemented by our advanced training programs.
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